War In Ukraine

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I am a Ukrainian-Canadian. I was born and raised in the city of Kharkiv, Ukraine. I came to Canada a long time ago, but I still have my ties to my country of origin. I have a lot of friends there. My family has evacuated from Kharkiv in the first weeks of the war. As you can imagine, I have been very affected by the war in my home country. I had a lot of things to think about, emotions to process and thoughts to re-evaluate. I am doing my best to help Ukrainians as a friend, a supporter, and a psychiatrist when it is needed and appropriate. For example, I worked with Canadian Psychiatric Association to organize a big session on War in Ukraine at the annual conference in Toronto and created a platform for Ukrainian psychiatrists to share their thoughts on psychiatric services and needs of Ukrainian refugees and those who stayed. We had frontline psychological support team led by Dr.Korostiy and the president of Ukrainian Psychiatric Association, Dr.Maruta, at the event and it was well-received by our Canadian colleagues. I even considered re-joining Ukrainian Armed Forces, but, ultimately, I came to realization that the best way for me to help would be to use my social media presence and my YouTube channel to share unbiased information about this war - its antecedents, course, motives, and my prognoses in terms of what to expect. I hope that these videos will help you understand what's going on in Ukraine.

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