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“I have tried various weight loss programs in the past where you end up with minimal and short-lived results. Dr. Sam's weight loss program has been the best and most helpful. He is a wonderful coach and collaborates with you throughout the journey. He guided me through the weight loss regimen and helped me to successfully meet my goals. I am so happy and excited to share my testimonial today. I have been with Dr. Sam on the weight loss journey from the day he started writing this book, I joked with him that by the time he was done with writing, I would have accomplished my ideal weight loss. I am really proud to see the end product with the results that I have today. I feel so amazing, its an unbelievable feeling! Thank you, Dr. Sam, for making my dream come true. I believe, through this book, you will be able to transform many more lives to make lifelong changing habits to maintain ideal body weight"

- Physician friend, Dr.Pam

The Rational Diet

The Rational Diet is a complete, evidence-driven, no-nonsense guide to losing weight and maintaining it. It is written by a physician fitness expert who tried virtually everything he suggests on himself and achieved great results in managing his body weight, body fat percentage, building muscle and sharpening his mind while doing so. His methodology is rooted in science – there are over 400 references to research articles that support his recommendations. The book will provide you with the foundational knowledge of metabolism and nutrition, it will help you estimate your own metabolic parameters and nutritional needs, and to set realistic goals. It will also help you optimize your journey and to make it as fast and comfortable as possible. You will learn how to avoid common pitfalls and how to use various psychological tools to steer your progress in the right direction. It will guide you to your ultimate physique in a careful and scientifically sound manner.

The Rational Diet outlines several activities that you can engage in to streamline your weight loss. These include doing some calculations to estimate your body fat percentage and metabolic rate as well as tracking these parameters and food intake. For your convenience we have specialized calculators you can use on this site and my Complete Transformation Tool (see below), Here, you may download spreadsheets I have deisgned for you to help with all the calculations mentioned in the book as well as with tracking your progress. Please note, that I would like these spreadsheets to be as comprehensive and easy to use as possible, so I will update all the tools as I receive your feedback.

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Formulas and calculators Weight Tracking Food Diary

Complete Transformation Tool

In anticipation of the publication of The Rational Diet, I have created my Complete Transformation Tool to help you map out your weight loss journey.

Complete Transformation Tool